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The Texas Mass Choir is a Gospel Music Organization consisting of Chapters in the state of Texas that are affiliated with the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Incorporated, (GMWA) founded by the Late Rev. James Cleveland.

The Mass Choir meets at least three times each year in various cities. During our meetings we have classes that are useful in developing Church choirs and individuals. Song writers also present and teach songs to our choirs and the event is culminated with a musical performance by The Texas Mass Choir (Adults), The Texas Youth & Young Adult Mass Choir (Youth and Young adults 13 and over), and The Voices of Praise Choir (Youth 3 - 12 years of age).

Music Presentations at GMWA National Convention

Download music that will be presented at the convention. Click title to download.

Speak to My Soul, By Sue Roseberry(WMA)

Speak to My Soul, By Sue Roseberry(MP3)

I Got A Praise VOF, By Ronald Materre(M4a)

So Much to Thank God For, By Reginald Long(MP3)

Upcoming Events


November 13-14, 2015
Austin, TX

Hosted By The Austin Chapter
Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc.





Adult Choir Registration

All Ages $35.00

Youth & Young Adult Choir Registration

Ages 16 years and older $15.00 ($30.00 Late-After Oct 31, 2015)
Ages 13 - 15 Years $10.00 ($12.50 Late-After Oct 31, 2015)

Voices of Praise Registration

Ages 2 - 12 Years $10.00 ($12.50 Late-After Oct 31, 2015)

Make Your Selection(s)
Make Your Selection(s)

Texas Mass Choir Robes

The Texas Mass Choir members can purchase new robes.  The total cost for each robe is $264.00.    Payment for robe should be made either by Money Order, Certified Check, or Cash! You may also pay on this website with PayPal.

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